Professional Acne Treatments and Consultation

Discover the difference between normal teenage acne and more severe, persistent types. Find out what to do—and what not to do—for pimples and acne lesions of all kinds. Know when acne needs something more than over-the-counter topical treatment. Learn about all things acne, and get your individual questions answered in the process. Use this overview to quickly find the acne information you’re looking for.


Acne Types

A lot of people know about common blackhead and whitehead pimples but are less familiar with more severe types of acne. At the same time, even an ordinary course of acne can cause nasty lesions if not popped properly or if allowed to become infected. The location and extent of the acne can also signal a more severe condition that requires medical treatment. Learn how to determine your type of acne by appearance, by location, by age, and by medical type.


Acne Treatments

Popping a pimple is no simple thing. When not done properly, it can lead to inflamed acne lesions, infected follicles (folliculitis), and scarring. In some cases, it can also spread troublesome bacteria to adjacent pores. Unless you know exactly what you’re doing, it’s best to stick to topical medications. More severe acne lesions should be handled by a certified dermatologist. A dermatologist can use a special extractor tool to safely remove pimples, prescribe acne medications, and offer personalized advice to get and keep your acne under control. Learn about the acne medications and other acne treatments available from your local dermatology clinic.


Acne Scars

Not everybody follows best practices when they have an active acne outbreak. For people in a hurry and frustrated by a pimple in a bad spot, it’s all too tempting to just squeeze and pop a pimple head. More severe types of acne may leave scarring even when best care practices are followed. Some types of acne tend to create boxcar scarring—shallow scars with sharper edges—but there are other types of scars as well. If you have unsightly acne scars, know you’re not the only one. Here’s the good news: You have options to remove or minimize this scarring.  Learn about lasers, fillers, microneedling, and other acne scar removal treatments that a dermatologist can tailor to your specific needs.


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Over-the-counter treatments don’t work for everybody. If you already know you need to see a dermatologist for your acne problem, contact us now. After you schedule an appointment with our Chesterfield dermatology clinic, you can read up on the various types of acne, prescription treatment, and scar removal options that are relevant to your case.


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