Don’t Wait for Summer to Clear Your Skin

Don’t Wait for Summer to Clear Your Skin

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Most of us have been anxiously waiting for the dawn of longer days, warmer weather, and more chances to get outside. As a dermatology clinic, we take hygiene and sanitation very seriously. Spring remains one of the best seasons to schedule a cosmetic dermatology procedure and clear your skin before summer, whether that means scheduling Botox injections, getting some new skin care products, or finally getting to the bottom of your uneven skin tone.

Below, you’ll find four major contributors to why spring is a great opportunity for skin care, no matter what type of procedure you’re looking for.


Clear Your Skin for Spring and Summer Garb

As the weather warms, people all over the country shed their dark, heavy, and fabric-dense winter clothes in favor of lighter, less concealing outfits. While most see this as a good thing, those who have been putting off certain skin care treatments may hesitate to put away their sweaters and jeans. If you’ve been struggling to clear your skin of body acne, or perhaps you’ve been putting off a spider vein treatment, spring is the perfect time to get a procedure. Start the warm weather season off on the right foot with clear skin and some added confidence.


A Season to Put Your Best Face Forward

The coming of spring brings a significant weather change and signals the hot, humid summer to come. Despite fewer public gatherings this year, spring is still a season in which people want to look and feel their best. If your face has been needing a little extra love and care, now is a great chance to sneak in a procedure. Your plans may already involve spending a good portion of spring at home indoors. Why not let your skin recover at the same time? Whether you’ve been considering a skin tone-evening chemical peel, an acne treatment, or maybe even a new skin filler, schedule your appointment now to ensure you look your best on the big day—no matter what that day ends up being.


Start Fresh

Winter weather can cause dry, cracked skin and clogged pores. Why should you carry that skin care baggage into a new season? A simple exfoliating procedure is enough to rid your skin of winter grime and buildup, allowing you to start spring with a new, more radiant face and body. Similarly, you’ll want to switch over whatever skin care products you use—from heavy, deeply penetrating moisturizers to lighter, less oily options with added SPF. While you’re in for a procedure, talk to your dermatologist about which products you should pack away and which you should use all spring and summer long.


Get it Before the Sun Comes Out

Most skin care treatments share a common side effect: photosensitivity. This phenomenon is an extreme sensitivity to the ultraviolet rays in sunlight and some other light sources. Photosensitivity can result in a sunburn, mild rash, or temporary discoloration, among other effects. The condition often lasts for between 24 and 48 hours after a treatment, but this will vary based on skin type and the procedure you have undergone.

The widespread experience of photosensitivity makes winter one of the best times to access skin care treatments. In this regard, summer is one of the less convenient seasons for skin care procedures. While treatments remain popular, they will require patients to stay out of the sun for a couple of days, which can be difficult in Missouri during the summer. Many of us are planning to stay inside while the weather warms, making this spring the time to catch up on skin treatments.

Stop putting off that skin care procedure, and Schedule an Appointment with our Chesterfield dermatology clinic.