Skin Conditions

Skin Conditions

Skin Conditions We Treat

A skin condition can sabotage someone’s ability to make social and professional connections. A skin condition can be an itchy or achy nuisance. It can affect your ability to get through the day. Some conditions are also warning signs that more serious problems may be on the way. What’s more, if it’s a condition that hasn’t been diagnosed in the past, you may not be sure how serious the problem is. Our medical dermatology clinic can diagnose and treat all kinds of skin conditions.

Skin Growth Treatment in Chesterfield

Skin growths can be completely innocuous to moderately annoying to truly dangerous. While you can—and should—monitor moles and other skin growths on your own, knowing which can be safely ignored and which require prompt medical attention isn’t always easy. That’s why you should get regular skin exams from our dermatologist. Find out what different skin growths tend to look like and what symptoms suggest you should make an appointment with our Chesterfield clinic as soon as possible.


Skin Infection Treatment in Chesterfield

There are numerous skin infections, some more dangerous than others. Don’t assume your body will eventually fight off a skin infection. The long-term health consequences of an untreated infection can be more serious than you suppose when it’s just an annoying sore.

Hair & Nail Treatments in Chesterfield

Folliculitis is an inflammatory hair infection that attacks the follicles. Find out why you shouldn’t ignore a rash or whitehead pimples that appear near hair follicles—and how you can get treatment from our dermatologist.