End-of-Summer Skin Problems? Visit our Dermatology Clinic

End-of-Summer Skin Problems? Visit our Dermatology Clinic

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Long, extended summers can be hard on our skin. In southern Illinois, this year has been a perfect example. Ninety-degree temperatures have been the norm in September and even into October. The sun’s rays may be less direct, warmer temperatures mean lighter clothes and more skin exposure. If you’re out of the habit of applying sunscreen, this spells trouble as UV radiation builds over the day. Likewise, even if you’ve managed to avoid heat exhaustion and dehydration, the cumulative effect of summer can trigger a rash that takes you by surprise.

Warmer temperatures mean a longer growing season. A lot more than just poison ivy can cause allergic dermatitis. Extended summers also mean more bugs…and more bug bites. Whether enjoying the great outdoors one last time or working out in the yard, if you’re experiencing end-of-summer skin problems, it’s time to schedule an appointment with the dermatologist.

Skin Checks for the Whole Family

  • Whether it’s a severe case of chickenpox or some other communicable skin rash, children can bring all sorts of things home from school. If their skin is already vulnerable from months of summer sweating, an already bad skin reaction can get really ugly.
  • Sometimes, skin treatment can help more than one member of the family. If your child’s skin condition is affecting your health, know that you’re not alone. According to a new study that surprises nobody, three out of four caregivers of children with eczema were found to suffer from mild anxiety and depression.
  • As we get older, it becomes increasingly common and to find skin blemishes that need checked out by a dermatologist. If your freckles fade while one or more blemishes continue to worsen, see the dermatologist.

Even when nothing seems to be wrong, skin checks are important for the whole family, Children may be hiding skin problems. New skin growths may be in hard to see places. Before long, the dryness of the winter air will become its own risk factor for skin rashes and other outbreaks.

End of Summer Means Back to School

The prolonged period of warmer temperatures is also bad news for acne sufferers. If you’re still experiencing bad outbreaks, now is a good time to get some extra help with a consultation from a certified dermatologist with personalized recommendations for prescription-strength medications or other acne treatments.

Acne is only of one of the common skin problems that occur around the end of summer and back to school season. The school swim team is another good example of something that can take a serious toll on your skin—especially if your routine has become an early morning swim followed by outdoor activities in the afternoon after school.

Schedule an Appointment

Whether you have end-of-summer skin problems or some other blemish, it’s time to schedule an appointment with our Mt. Vernon office. Ideally, you should get an annual skin check from a certified dermatologist. That said, if it’s been a few years since you’ve seen a skin specialist, take this season’s weather as the excuse you need to finally see a dermatologist.

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