How Long Do MiraDry® Results Last?

How Long Do MiraDry® Results Last?

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Many people who deal with routine excessive sweating don’t discuss it openly. Others don’t realize that their sweat-focused problem is an actual medical condition that can be diagnosed. In fact, excessive sweating is actually a very common condition that affects millions of Americans. It’s often caused by a disorder known as hyperhidrosis, which keeps sweat glands overly active in areas where they are highly concentrated, such as the underarms, soles of the feet, and palms of the hands. Our West County Dermatology team often receives questions from patients who are wondering about the expected duration of results from the sweat-reducing miraDry® at our Chesterfield practice.


As opposed to other traditional treatments for managing abnormally excessive sweating, MiraDry® is the only non-surgical option that can give you lasting results. It is virtually painless and does not require much maintenance. The effects of BOTOX® for hyperhidrosis eventually wear off—after around six to 12 months in most cases—by which time additional treatments may be needed. Having to buy antiperspirants in the meantime can be costly and inconvenient, while only reducing sweat for a short time. In addition, oral medications like anticholinergics, which control severe sweating, only offer temporary relief.

Iontophoresis or drionic units have treated hyperhidrosis for years. This involves sending a weak electrical current through specific areas of skin to interfere with sweat duct functioning. However, this treatment can be uncomfortable for many patients. It is a more high-maintenance treatment that must be done weekly to prolong the results.

FDA-approved MiraDry® sends out electromagnetic energy below the skin to eradicate sweat glands in the underarms. It also reduces the glands responsible for body odor and destroys hair follicles that can trap odor and moisture. As soon as the sweat glands have been eliminated, they are gone for good, and your body can’t regenerate them. Though this treatment may not completely stop you from sweating, it will improve the problem significantly. You can switch to lighter deodorants—and whatever shirts you want—and not experience much hair growth.

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