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LATISSE Eyelash Enhancement

LATISSE® can help patients grow fuller, darker, and longer lashes, and it’s the first and only FDA-approved prescription treatment to do so. Lashes change as we age. They can noticeably thin, shorten, and become lighter, diminishing the overall appearance to a state that not even mascara can fix. The process is natural, but it can be discouraging. Fortunately, it’s possible to grow long, luxurious lashes in just 16 weeks.

Clinical studies show that 78% of people using LATISSE® see a noticeable increase in eyelash appearance and prominence with 106% more fullness, 18% darker lashes, and 25% longer lashes. The treatment is proven to work, effectively turning back the clock and adding some sparkle to your natural look.

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Exponential Lash Potential in 16 Weeks

Latisse lengthens, darkens, and thickens eyelashes by extending the lash growth phase and increasing the number of lash hairs, creating a fuller, more dramatic look. But, like most good things in life, you’ll need to have a little patience. The LATISSE® solution works gradually, but most users agree it’s worth the wait. Longer lashes may appear after just 4 weeks of using the solution, but it’s recommended that all users complete the LATISSE® process daily for 16 weeks to achieve maximum results. In just four months, you’ll have longer, stronger, and more vibrant lashes.

Your LATISSE® kit will include both the solution and several disposable, one-time-use applicators. To apply, simply brush the solution onto the skin at the upper eyelash base. The best time to do this is in the evening, just before going to sleep and after all makeup is removed. The treatment is simple and easily incorporated into your standard nighttime routine.

Once your lashes achieve a thickness, pigmentation and length you like, you can implement the personalized maintenance plan developed in consultation with your  dermatologist. Every other night is a commonly prescribed regimen. This will maintain the desired lash length and density. If a user stops applying the solution completely, lashes will return to their normal state over several months.

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Achieve LATISSE® Eyelash Enhancement

Lash maintenance is easier and more fulfilling with a LATISSE® kit on the nightstand. Don’t let thinning, lightened eyelashes damage your confidence. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for longer, darker, and fuller lashes.

Remember that LATISSE® is a prescription product, so you cannot use the solution without a visit to your dermatologist. The prescription is also part of the Alle® Rewards  program, which allows users to accumulate points to save on future treatments. Members of the program can earn points each time they refill their LATISSE® prescription.


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